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JARDEC Sàrl is celebrating ten years in business !

Find out the whole history of our family business venture!

Founded in January 2006, our family business is delighted to be celebrating its tenth anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyal support.

Jardec Sàrl is above all the story of a meeting of minds: that of Béatrice and Sébastien Rabory. Both passionate about aesthetic appeal and also ambitious, they would found Jardec Sàrl which would allow them to indulge their taste for design and their desire to be independent.

Sébastien Rabory arrived in Switzerland at the age of 19 to practise as a chef and patissier. A few years later and with a strong desire to be independent, he founded a business renovating and maintaining garden furniture and timber decking.

He also selected a range of garden furniture brands for sale.

Timber deckings - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

Then one day a customer asked him to install some timber decking for them. Although he’d never carried out a job like that, he took it on as a challenge.

He then began to look for a supplier of timber decking in Switzerland and in Europe and landed on the Alsace company Architecture du Bois (today called Grad) which would remain their associates throughout the Jardec venture.

Architecture du Bois would supply Sébastien Rabory with equipment and with high-quality materials, and would help him to acquire all the necessary technical skills so that he could install flawless timber decking.

Having very quickly built up a bond of trust, Architecture du Bois then offered him their Swiss franchise. Since this new step required significant investment in both financial and human capital, Sébastien suggested to his spouse that she join him in the venture.

Shading - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

Expecting their first child at the time, Béatrice Rabory left a very stressful situation where she was trying to sort out a decorating business that was in difficulties. Nevertheless she decided to throw herself into the venture by teaming up with her husband to create Jardec Sàrl with him and to bring to the business her skills and experience in management, architecture and decorating.

Once Jardec Sàrl was launched, they decided to relocate the business and the family home by taking over the three-storey building in Etoy where the Jardec Sàrl offices and retail premises have been ever since.

Since 2006, Jardec Sàrl has been committed to the same goals:

  • Quality: Jardec Sàrl will install quality products in your home that will last over time
  • Reliability: Jardec Sàrl will carry out flawless installations of timber decking
  • Sustainability: Jardec Sàrl will verify the origin of its products and supply you with products that are biodegradable and timber that is certified.
  • Innovation: our decking does not leave splinters
  • Aesthetic appeal: Béatrice et Sébastien, coming from the hospitality & catering business as well as architecture and decorating, are very sensitive to questions of visual appeal, and they will always seek originality, harmony and beauty as far as your decking is concerned by subtly connecting the timber with aspects of water, vegetation and stone.

Very quickly, Jardec Sàrl saw a sharp increase in its sales revenue, thanks to an excellent relationship with its customers and subcontractors, as well as a reputation for reliability built up over the years. They have laid almost 10,000 m2 of decking since they started,not counting the supplementry products: carports, screen planters, pergolas, raised beds, etc...

Decking - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

As Jardec Sàrl decking adds genuine value to a property, the business has become, after only 10 years,  a benchmark in Switzerland for the installation of timber decking!

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