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Shade with style

Jardec Sàrl is there for those lovely summer days and stocks the best shade sail brands.

Individual Umbrosa Rimbou Lotus parasol with 360° rotation with mobile support

At Umbrosa, find designer and top-quality products with, in particular, made-to-measure shade sails with winders, the famous and extremely easy-to-use Spectra® parasols and also the wall-mounted Paraflex® parasol.

From Fim, one will choose shade sails for shading large areas such as bar or restaurant terraces and also the perimeters of swimming pools.

Shadings - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

Remote-control Jardinico Kingston sliding parasol measuring 4 x 4 sqm

Finally, Jardinico offers you its magnificent parasols to stand along the side of the pool: durable products that are easy to manage and that offer effective protection against the sun!

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