Timber decking

Prestige decking - Jardec Sàrl – EtoyLet Jardec Sàrl install stunning timber and porcelain stoneware decking in your home

Jardec Sàrl: unrivalled know-how for over 10 years

At Jardec Sàrl, we not only supply a very wide range of decking from the leading European manufacturers. 

Choosing stylish and quality decking is certainly part of our mission, but as well as products, it’s our expertise and the services we offer that underpin the reputation of our business.

Jardec Sàrl already offers you its technical expertise. As timber decking specialists, we offer advice in choosing and installing the best products with regard to both its intended location and the use you are planning to make of it.

While demonstrating that we always listen carefully to our customers, paying close attention to what they want and what they like, we offer them our professional advice in relation to timber decking before the project starts: technical recommendations, yes - but also aesthetic ones!

Jardec Sàrl, as timber decking architects, will suggest designs that blend originality and harmony, selecting only quality materials and enhancing your decking with the right accessories, spas, saunas (nordic or standard), verandahs on a modular design, plants...etc.

Prestige decking - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy

The Jardec Sàrl service offers impeccable and fully guaranteed after-sales care – that’s what we call service!

Contact us for further information and to visit our showroom !

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Jardec Sàrl: take advantage of cutting-edge technology for your timber decking

Additional height collars - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy

1. Positioning pads

Adjustable pads, the very latest technology from TOP LIFT®, can be placed directly onto a solid support made of concrete, watertight roofing or old decking.
Adjustable to the right height and level for the decking.

2. Detachable structure

We offer substructures with a detachable aluminium structure thanks to a revolutionary clip system (Clip JuAn®). As an entirely unique technology, the substructures (detachable with a pair of keys) guarantee a flawless finish and insulation for your decking.
In addition, they give your structure real flexibility so that it can then adapt to any future changes in the composition of the terrain.

3. Clip JuAn®, invisible fixings

The timber boards are gripped from underneath (Clip JuAn®), which guarantees a perfect finish as well as very effective insulation of the board from its support.

4. Curved edge

Finally, the lightly curved edges of the timber boards that we use prevent any water stagnation (aquaplaning) on your timber decking, eliminating any risk of swelling because any rain water will drain off rapidly. They also make it more comfortable on bare feet.

Tilt adjuster - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy
Frame base - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy
Base plate - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy


Jardec Sàrl will also advise you on your choice of surface!

Timber decking: we offer products made from certified timbers which last over time, are extremely weatherproof and which do not leave splinters.

We have a huge range of types of timber on offer: ThermoPine, Thermo Ash, Strongdeck composite, Kebony, Accoya... Consult our catalogue

Porcelain stoneware decking: it lends the natural feeling of stone to your decking. Not only ultra-resistant to general use but also to wine, grease and juice stains, our porcelain stoneware decking is non-slip and easy to maintain. You have a huge choice of procelain stoneware tiles at Jardec Sàrl: timber-effect, quartzite, beach pebble, concrete or natural stone... Consult our catalogue 

Prestige decking - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy


Logo BoGard

The BOGARD PACK provides you with a complete kit to easily achieve the garden of your dreams.

Select the theme you would like and obtain all the required materials directly from us: plants, compost, technical documents, planting plans.
BOGARD will also help you in the planting of your garden with an offer to coach you or to implement your design for you.

The pack

1.  Select your theme

  • Herb garden
  • Kitchen, fruit and aromatic plant garden.                   
  • Zen and wild garden.
  • Japanese garden – flowering rockery
  • Scents of the Mediterranean garden.
  • Secret garden – Screened and peaceful.

2.  Let’s construct your own BOGARD KIT

  • Your choice of plants
  • Compost and mulch
  • Your chosen accessories

3.  Obtain your BOGARD PACK directly from us

  • Your complete KIT ready for planting
  • Your planting layout
  • Your chosen accessories


Maintaining your decking

Prestige decking - Jardec Sàrl – Etoy

You have beautiful timber decking but you are in despair that its stunning original colour is disappearing day by day, leaving you with a GREY that you do not appreciate ? Or stone decking with moss that you cannot get rid of?

Jardec Sàrl will advise you how to counteract this phenomenon and how to clean and maintain your decking.

Consult our range of decking care products and our special products for renovating decking!


Hiring machinery to maintain your decking

We have available for hire two machines for maintaining your timber decking, or stone decking, as well a Krinner machine for putting in Krinner screws. For the blue machine polisher: quotation on request.

This page describes the implementation, repair and maintenance service for timber decking offered by Jardec Sàrl in Etoy in the canton of Vaud.

Single-brush machine


machine polisher