Timber structures

Jardec Sàrl: the Swiss specialists in timber structures

Fences and screens

Our fences are attractively made out of timber allowing you to enjoy privacy from outside without detracting from the amount of sun you get in your garden.

At Jardec Sàrl, you will find durable products and a wide range of different decorative effects for your fences: timber, timber and glazing, glazing and aluminium...

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Fences and screens - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy



With posts, roofed, with or without a concrete floor, with or without cladding...

Select your design, and that’s the problem of iced-up windscreens and boiling-hot car interiors sorted already!

Our carports are designed to be practical, convenient in terms of their dimensions, easy to put up and to integrate with existing buildings.

But above all they must last, spare you any maintenance, and preserve a neat and tidy look.

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Carports - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy


Garden sheds

Jardec Sàrl will install attractive sheds in your garden to store your tools and provide them with the ideal protection from inclement weather.

Jardec has here on display a range of designs which all share a concern for aesthetic appeal, durability and careful workmanship.

Doors with real handles and real locks, durable timber types, weather-resistant and maintenance-free ; watertight roofs with gutters and, if necessary, sustainable timber floors.

Garden sheds - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy



Pergolas - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

The pergolas at Jardec Sàrl also show a taste for quality products and a desire for aesthetic appeal.

Cheverny, Chambort and also Chinon...  Numerous colours and a wide choice of designs are on offer at Jardec Sàrl!

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Balustrade systems

In timber, stainless steel or glass, Jardec Sàrl takes care to construct balustrade systems which provide safety on your decking while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

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Ballustrades - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy



Timber stairs - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy

A made-to-measure solution! Adaptable and effective. With a high degree of craftsmanship and a real work of the joiner’s art.

Add to the charm of your decking by taking care to choose the appropriate outdoor stairs.

Straight or spiral stairs, Jardec Sàrl will come up with the solution that suits your decking best!

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Hortus raised beds

Jardec Sàrl also specialises in the installation of raised beds, for vegetables and other plants..

We will advise you on putting attractive raised beds in place by studying the best location on your plot.

A huge selection of sizes, shapes (square, rectangular, round) and colours will enable you to adorn your garden in a tasteful way.

As well as making an attractive decorative element outdoors, raised beds allow all garden lovers to spare their backs by no longer having to bend over unnecessarily.

Better protected and taking advantage of warmer soil, plants in raised beds also grow better.

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Hortus raised beds - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy


Tubs made to measure

What’s more natural than mixing flowers and vegetables with timber ! If it is also durable, maintenance-free and free of chemical treatment, the marriage is made in heaven.

We make tubs to measure in a range of shapes, in Kebony, treated pine or other timber types, in order to put the finishing touches to your timber or composite decking.

Our tubs are of solid build to carry the weight of a heavy load. We put a liner in the bottom of the tub and and a geotextile membrane on the insides to make them watertight.

We can fix rollers under the tubs, in order to move them easily (during the winter, for example).

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Tubs made to measure - Jardec Sàrl - Etoy